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June 3, 2021

Exciting Placemaking Partner Initiative for KOP Property Owners

By Chris Basler, Director, Capital Projects and Planning
outdoor view of large white individual pagodas over benches on a cement platform

With COVID restrictions lifted and an end to the pandemic in clear sight, we are focused on finding new ways to encourage a return to King of Prussia. How can we attract employees, customers and residents back to public spaces, stores and offices? By making it fun and easy! King of Prussia District is excited to unveil a new program this summer that partners with King of Prussia District property owners to create exciting amenities open to the public. Our new Placemaking Partner Initiative is accepting applications for matching funds, up to $10,000, to construct physical improvements that create placemaking features, active spaces and sustainable transportation enhancements that are open to the public. Examples of projects include:

    • Outdoor gaming or activity spaces like bocce ball courts or exercise stations
    • Public art installations or interactive landscaping such as labrynths or parklets
    • Outdoor meeting areas with solar powered charging stations and work stations
    • Green transportation amenities, like electric vehicle charging terminals or bike repair stations

King of Prussia District will reimburse well-designed improvements that develop pedestrian corridors, promote accessibility, generate investment in sustainable modes of transportation, enhance aesthetics in mixed-use districts and produce dynamic places for employees, residents and visitors to enjoy. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with a program committee review of submissions each quarter. Winning proposals demonstrate a need for the improvement, consumer interest, positive impact on the community, maintenance plan, thoughtful design, resources to complete the project and public access.

The first step for property owners is to complete the initial application on the King of Prussia District website. Staff will meet with applicants to go over next steps in the process. Only approved projects with a signed agreement prior to construction are eligible for the reimbursement. For more information or a copy of the Placemaking Partner Initiative guidelines and application, e-mail us or visit our website.