Call KOP Home

Call KOP Home

We are King of Prussia District, a catalyst for economic development and job growth in KOP. We work tirelessly with our stakeholders and partners to help businesses like yours succeed. Business owners and employees across suburban Philadelphia embrace KOP as the ultimate destination for meeting, working, recruiting and living. Here’s why over 4,000 thriving businesses call KOP home.

Open for Business

King of Prussia is home to many of the most successful, innovative companies and organizations in the world — due in no small part to our supportive, business-friendly environment. Not only does KOP have one of the lowest total tax burdens on businesses in the suburban Philadelphia region, KOP also does not have a wage tax and has the lowest real estate taxes in Montgomery County. For family and friends living here, for clients visiting here, and for everyone working here, KOP is simply the best place to do business.

Making Life Accessible

King of Prussia’s central location makes it easily accessible from anywhere in the suburban Philadelphia region. For business owners, this means greater access to a larger talent pool. For employees, this means faster, more manageable commutes from more places. And for residents, that accessibility, combined with high-quality schools, award-winning healthcare and low real estate taxes, makes KOP one of Pennsylvania’s best places to live.

Everything At Your Fingertips

When people think of a healthy work-life balance, they think of King of Prussia. Running your business here means that you can offer your employees the best of everything: easy commutes, elevated shopping and dining, plentiful outdoor spaces and so much more. From the King of Prussia Mall and the KOP Town Center to Valley Forge National Historical Park, Valley Forge Casino Resort and Topgolf, KOP offers endless ways to live life to the fullest.

Projects In the Pipeline

There are so many exciting new retail, dining, residential and industrial/office developments creating jobs, attracting employees and driving growth.

Be In the Know

Want to learn more about how KOP plays into the success of the diverse businesses that make up our community? KOP Insiders is our latest series that gives you inside access to the people making KOP the ultimate live-work-play destination.

An Invested Future

Since 2010, nearly $4B was invested in a wide range of projects — and despite a pandemic, King of Prussia’s impressive transformation shows no sign of slowing down. KOP continues to build momentum through land use and zoning strategies that are delivering a forward-thinking vision for the future. Smart tax policies ensure KOP remains competitive and attractive and retains its status as the largest center of employment in the suburban Philadelphia region.
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