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King of Prussia Is Among Top Ten Housing Markets in Pennsylvania

December 4, 2020

Source, Montco Today

King of Prussia is among the top ten healthiest housing markets in Pennsylvania, according to the new analysis recently published by Smart Asset.

A healthy housing market is one that is regarded as both stable as well as affordable. Homeowners should be able to sell their homes with ease while at the same time have a low risk of losing money in the long run. So to determine the healthiest markets in the country, the sixth annual healthiest housing markets study measured stability, risk, ease of sale, and affordability.

King of Prussia ranked tenth on the list with a healthier markets index of 72.18.

Also on average, people here spend 15.4 years living in their home before deciding to move and sell their property.

The town has an average of 8.3 percent of properties with negative equity and 12.6 percent of homes that are decreasing in value.

After being put up for sale, homes spend an average of 68.7 days on the market. Finally, the home costs in King of Prussia are 19.5 percent of income.