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Kickstarter campaign launched to fund cat cafe in King of Prussia

February 12, 2019

Source, Philly Voice, Marielle Mondon

trip to King of Prussia could soon include quality time spent with some kitties.

A new Kickstarter launched Tuesday to help bring a cat cafe to King of Prussia made by would-be business-owner Alicia Miller in partnership with Media, Pennsylvania-based Providence Animal Center. If all goes according to plan, Miller envisions the new Meow House will have a late-fall opening date, at a location to be determined.

Cats at Meow House all will be available for adoption.

“We’ve partnered with Providence Animal Center, and our cats will be selected from their roster of homeless animals,” Miller said in a press release.

“The cafe will allow potential owners to spend quality time with cats who are up for adoption, and the cats get to be social, receive tons of extra love, and hopefully find their forever home faster.”

With a starting goal of $10,000, the Kickstarter will help Miller secure a space and get the business started with necessary construction and equipment. Miller lays out the allocation of funds in the Kickstarter, which will be largely dedicated to preparing the cafe’s space and its rent.

On par with similar concepts, such as Kawaii Kitty Cafe in Queen Village or Le Cat Cafe in Brewreytown, Meow House will charge an hourly fee for visitors. Right now Miller envisions charging $7 for a 30-minute session, with a maximum 15 humans admitted at once. Miller also envisions introducing movie nights, yoga, and children’s reading hours to the business.

Check out more details on the fundraiser here.