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Group Forms to Back Rail Extension to King of Prussia

October 20, 2017

Source, Penn Live, Travis Kellar

A group of business, civic, and academic leaders has formed to support the proposed Norristown High Speed Line extension to King of Prussia. reports the King of Prussia Rail Coalition was formed to promote the extension after the release late last week of a draft report on the project’s impact, an important early phase of development.
The project would branch off the existing line a few stops shy of its Norristown terminus. It would then go west about four miles of Upper Merion Township to end near the Valley Forge Casino Resort after stopping at the King of Prussia Mall, the King of Prussia Business Park, and other locations, according to the report.

“When we look at King of Prussia and the wonders it provides in terms of economic growth … it becomes incredibly important to make sure we do not pass King of Prussia by, that King of Prussia becomes just as accessible as other parts of our region,” said Jerry Sweeney, president and chief executive of Philadelphia developer Brandywine Realty Trust, at a news conference Tuesday announcing the rail group’s formation. reports Sweeney was was named chairman of King of Prussia Rail Coalition.

The rail project’s anticipated completion is 2023 at an estimated cost of $1.1 billion.