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Choose from four adventures at Escape Room Mystery in KOP

August 2, 2016

Source: Philly Voice, Sinead Cummings

The area surrounding the King of Prussia Mall is quickly becoming a hot spot for unusual fun. First, an indoor skydiving facility opened. Now, an “escape the room” center is gaining popularity.

In Escape Room Mystery, players are locked in a room and must study their surroundings, solve puzzles and find clues in order to leave. The rooms stay locked for one hour, unless players find the keypad code.

There are four adventures to choose from:

  • The Laboratory— “You will need to use all your powers of observation and teamwork to escape before your untimely death.” This mad scientist isn’t messing around.
  • Revolution Spies —”Get the information to the Colonial troops before you are discovered snooping in the home of a suspected Loyalist.”
  • The Egyptian Tomb — “Find yourselves locked in an ancient Egyptian tomb with puzzles and surprises that can lead to your freedom.”
  • The Billionaire’s Den —”Your rich great-uncle was always bugging you to come over for family game night in his eccentric den. Now that he has passed away, his will dictates that you play his crazy games in order to inherit his billions.” This room requires advanced puzzle solving.

Each room was created to make players feel like they’re in an electronic game. Sound and light effects are connected to different actions within the room.

Anyone can join the game, but the recommended age is 16 or older. Tickets are $28 per person, with various times to choose from.