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Press Release


KOP-BID’s theconnector Commuter Shuttle Fleet Goes Green

August 3, 2016

All Four Shuttles Now Powered by Energy Efficient Propane Fuel

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, all four of the King of Prussia District’s (KOP-BID) theconnector commuter shuttle buses were converted from gasoline to Propane AutoGas, with the assistance of King of Prussia-based King Limousine and Transportation Services, Inc. and Sharp Energy, a subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation.

Cleaner and less expensive than gasoline, American-made Propane AutoGas is a viable alternative fuel for light duty vehicles. Propane powered vehicles produce lower emissions and pollutants than gasoline powered vehicles*.

With Propane AutoGas, theconnector shuttles will produce:

  • Over 20% less carbon monoxide
  • 40% less in nitrogen oxides
  • 10% less carbon dioxide

“We launched theconnector commuter shuttle service as the first step in our long-range plan to provide King of Prussia employees with alternative transportation options,” said Eric Goldstein, King of Prussia District Executive Director. “Determined to have clean and cost effective vehicles, KOP-BID was thrilled to partner with King and Sharp Energy on this energy efficient conversion.”

theconnector commuter shuttle bus fleet is owned and operated by King Limousine and Transportation Services, Inc. (King). King worked with Sharp Energy to convert theconnector fleet to propane.

“The need to sustain our environment through responsible corporate practices has been at the core of King’s business model for the past decade,” said Bob Euler, King Limousine & Transportation Services, Inc., President & CEO. “We are actively seeking ways to make our fleet more environmentally friendly, consistently introducing the most fuel efficient vehicles in their class.”

theconnector is a commuter shuttle bus service connecting King of Prussia business park employees to SEPTA Regional Rail at the Norristown Transportation Center and Wayne Station, M-F during the AM and PM rush hours. The comfortable 14-passenger vehicles have free WiFi, bicycle racks and are ADA compliant.

“We are proud to be taking an active role in expanding the use of alternative fuel by assisting customers with the conversion of their vehicles,” said Bob Zola, Sharp Energy President.

*EPA 2009, The Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation (GREET).