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Yes, the King of Prussia Mall Now Has Its Own COVID-19 Boutique

September 27, 2020

Source, Philadelphia Magazine, Victor Fiorillo

Now I’ve Seen It All: King of Prussia Mall Gets Its Own COVID-19 Store

There are very few things that will get me to spend my Saturday morning at the King of Prussia Mall. Any mall, really. Especially over a holiday weekend. But when I heard that a COVID-19 store had opened at the King of Prussia Mall, well, obviously, I had to pay it a visit.

And so I lured my wife and kids into the car on Saturday, the promise of a trip to Costco being the bait. A $268 grocery haul and some free bottles of Costco’s Vitaminwater Zero knockoff later, we hopped over to the Court at King of Prussia. Thankfully, the King of Prussia Mall actually has an online app that gives you internal directions to the store you are trying to visit. As in, if you want to go from Store A to Store B, they’ll give you walking directions, a la Google Maps.

The new COVID-19 boutique — it’s officially called COVID-19, Inc. — is right by Sephora, in case that means anything at all to you. The COVID-19 store is a pretty tiny space, and as you walk through the door, a device displays your body temperature, although I couldn’t seem to get mine to come up.

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