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Taste With Tori: Famous Pink’s Hot Dog Stand Opens Shop In King Of Prussia

April 12, 2019

Source, CBS 3 Philly, Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – From small beginnings to star-studded success, in this week’s Taste with Tori, she takes us to Pink’s Hot Dogs. The famous hot dog spot is known for its celebrity following.

They recently opened their first East Coast location at the King of Prussia Mall.

What’s studded with star power, has a signature snap and is pink all over? It’s Pink’s!

The Hollywood hot dog stand has been a legend since 1939.

“My parents, Paul and Betty Pink, were out of work. They were looking for a job in the newspaper. They ran across an ad for a hot dog cart. So they go down, they pick up the cart and they said there is a site available on the corner of La Brea and Melrose in Hollywood that we can rent for $15 a month,” Pink’s owner, Richard Pink, said.

Eventually, the Pinks would buy the land to build a stand.

“That hot dog stand was built in 1946 and is still standing today,” Pink said.

But, not alone. Pink’s has colored the country with a few more locations and now even King of Prussia is tickled pink.

“So excited to be in the greatest mall in the country,” Pink said.

Super-sized hot dogs, beefy burgers and an original chili recipe are among the items on the recipe.

“You know what it tastes like? A homemade cheesesteak,” Tori said, when trying the Philly Cheesesteak Dog. “I’m tasting the Phillyness. How did they know I’m a whiz kind of girl? The dog itself, so juicy.”

Pink’s also has a celebrity following so you never know who you may run into.