Eddie V’s Ups the Ante in King of Prussia

February 12, 2019

Source, Main Line Today, Ken Alan

At 7:30 p.m. on just about any night of the week, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood bustles with white-jacketed servers placing colossal multi-tiered shellfish towers at the tables of martini-sipping corporate executives. Elsewhere, couples indulge in succulent lobster tails, and others celebrate in the V Lounge as the pleasing rattle of cocktail shakers intermingles with live jazz.

Like it or not, Eddie V’s embodies the direction King of Prussia is headed in. Its high-end concept was co-founded by Larry Foles, dad of Super Bowl-winning Eagles QB Nick Foles. And while KOP may already have a multitude of first-rate restaurants, you won’t find one quite as luxurious as Eddie V’s. A waterfall welcomes diners, and travertine-lined walls, a nautically hued patina and crystal chandeliers exude the sort of gentle opulence that’s the opposite of the masculinity found at most steakhouses.

The place is jumping during happy hour, which features live jazz and well-trained mixologists creating concoctions from behind the expansive U-shaped bar. The visually enticing array of victuals includes the Hope Diamond, a vodka-and-butterfly-tea infusion with a deep boron-blue diamond-cut ice cube floating at its center. The bar menu boasts a copious selection of apps and “half shells.” One of them—Rockefeller oysters with a soggy panko topping—was the only kitchen misstep after several visits.

With three private dining rooms and an exceptionally trained staff at your beck and call, there’s more to this operation than high-quality food and drinks. Eddie V’s is, no doubt, a splashy addition to KOP’s restaurant-rich landscape.