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What makes so many businesses—from a #1 ranked children’s hospital to international fashion powerhouses—come to KOP? Simple: Our Edge.

Top 10 Reasons Business Thrives in King of Prussia

King of Prussia is the largest center of employment in the suburban Philadelphia region.
KOP is the beating heart of the suburbs, with over 60,000 employees and a network of businesses that continue to grow.
There’s an undeniable momentum in King of Prussia.
With over $1B in current economic development projects underway, KOP is experiencing unprecedented energy and growth across multiple sectors.
Business leaders enjoy the ability to work with and utilize the King of Prussia District.
KOP-BID creates an environment of success, connecting businesses with a culture of growth. KOP-BID works every day to improve the economic climate in KOP and facilitate initiatives that are designed to make KOP the best possible location to do business.
Highways, byways, and more ease the ways you get around.
Thanks to ease of access from Routes 23, 76, 202, 276, and 422, free parking throughout business and retail areas, public transportation, and a new high speed line connection on the way, accessibility is a strength virtually unrivaled in competing markets.
Lower taxes equal limitless growth.
King of Prussia is the economic powerhouse of Montgomery County. KOP enjoys low real estate taxes, the absence of a constrictive wage tax, and competitive business taxes.
King of Prussia enjoys diverse, high-quality housing options.
Located in the heart of Montgomery County, KOP offers a diverse section of new, modern luxury apartments and executive housing in close proximity to famous retail and entertainment destinations.
Children enjoy a great education and community.
The Upper Merion Area School District stands within the top 5% of PA schools. For employees who live in the area, a phenomenal school district coupled with a close network of residents who enjoy community sports teams, outstanding places of worship, and a culture of great dining and entertainment add up to a world-class area to make one’s home.
A safe and healthy environment sets the stage for success.
King of Prussia is one of the safest communities in Pennsylvania. In addition to its reputation for security and cleanliness, KOP offers a burgeoning culture of parks and trails, ultimately providing a healthy environment for employees and businesses.
King of Prussia is preceded by its sterling, international reputation.
KOP is famous for retail with outstanding dining and hospitality options. Regionally, KOP is known for even more – with nearby historical attractions, nonstop events, festivals, nightlife, and much more.
A culture of events keeps King of Prussia celebrating year-round.
KOP businesses enjoy a lineup of great events produced by KOP-BID, including yoga happy hour, lunchtime concerts, restaurant week, Beerfest Royale, and the region's top networking events. These are in addition to the marquee of national headliners at Valley Forge Casino Resort, cultural activities at Valley Forge National Historical Park, and the many festivals and gatherings that help to define the extraordinary culture of KOP.
If the energy, momentum, and amenities of King of Prussia speak to you and your business, contact the King of Prussia District today to learn more.
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