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January 15, 2020

Ten Years of…

Introducing our 10-year anniversary blog series

By Eric Goldstein, Executive Director
King of Prussia District 10-year-anniversary logo

It’s hard to believe that 2020 already marks the 10-year anniversary of our organization. Since 2010, King of Prussia District has worked alongside our assessed property owners, board members, committee members, Township Supervisors, County Commissioners, other elected officials, numerous sponsors and affiliated organizations to resurrect the image of King of Prussia and make it one of the premier live-work-play destinations in the region.

As one way to celebrate this decade of work, we are pleased to introduce our new, monthly, blog series that showcases all of the ways King of Prussia District has worked to support economic development and job growth in King of Prussia. Below you will find all twelve (12) topics.

10 years of…

• Driving Economic Development
• Attracting Investment in KOP
• Fostering a More Connected Community
• Transforming Public Spaces
• Engaging the Community
• Improving Access to KOP
• Making KOP Accessible
• Bolstering KOP’s Profile
• Executing Development Strategies
• Appreciating your Support
• Raising Money to Invest in KOP
• Breathing New Life into KOP

I hope you enjoy reading the blog series and thank you all for your incredible support during our first 10 years!