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January 7, 2021

King of Prussia District Looks Towards the Future in the New Year

A letter from our Executive Director

By Eric Goldstein, Executive Director, King of Prussia District
Large vertical King of Prussia sign surrounded by foliage

Happy New Year! I hope that you were able to enjoy the holiday season, despite all of its limitations, and have entered into 2021 in good health and with a renewed sense of excitement for better days ahead.

This past year was unlike anything most of us have witnessed in our lifetimes. The impacts of COVID-19 are widespread, and the fallout of the health and economic toll may be with us for a number of years, even with the promise of a vaccine.

Here in King of Prussia, it has been surreal to see so many of our normally bustling office complexes, restaurants, retailers and entertainment venues nearly empty. While we recognize the importance of mitigations that were put in place to protect us all, the temporary closures zapped a considerable amount of life from our vibrant community and created economic hardships for many, particular those in hospitality.

Despite all of this, KOP business owners showed (and continue to show!) tremendous resiliency, creativity and perseverance. The economic growth of the past decade made for a stronger base, and our more diversified business community was able to do a better job weathering the storm. Increased manufacturing and distribution companies, as well as a significant uptick in healthcare and life sciences, paid dividends in terms of preserving jobs and keeping the KOP economy afloat. Most commercial office tenants, while not physically in their offices, continued to operate efficiently and effectively through telework.

Now,as we enter into a new year, we at King of Prussia District are extraordinarily optimistic about the post-COVID future for King of Prussia. Over the better part of a year, we’ve seen the KOP community come together to support one another and heard a multitude of stories of large and small businesses that effectively pivoted to preserve their customer base. The essential characteristics that make this community successful remain, and in a post-COVID world, are likely to be even more attractive to residents, commercial and industrial companies, and those eager to return to KOP’s incredible restaurants, shopping and attractions.

We are so proud of our business community and are privileged to continue supporting its growth and success. Thank you for your partnership.


Eric T. Goldstein

Executive Director