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January 2, 2020

Improving King of Prussia’s Highway Gateways

By Chris Basler, Director, Capital Projects & Planning

Furthering our commitment to making KOP more vibrant and attractive, King of Prussia District is partnering with PennDOT to install and maintain another planted median on the Schuylkill Expressway. This spring, the island median beside the westbound offramp to DeKalb Pike will transform from weeds, scrub trees and garbage to a vibrant landscape with flowering perennials and ornamental bushes.

King of Prussia District has participated in PennDOT’s Adopt and Beautify Program since 2011. An extension of the State’s Wildflower Planting Program that started in 1990, the program provides an opportunity for organizations to partner with PennDOT to improve the landscapes adjacent to major thoroughfares.

In all, King of Prussia District has installed and maintains 19 different planting projects along PennDOT roads in KOP. This spring’s new median planting will improve water drainage, stabilize slopes and reduce mowing, while improving safety and providing drivers visual cues at the I-76 exit.

The new planting bed, designed by ThinkGreen, LLC, will continue the planting layout utilized in the first I-76 median project by King of Prussia District, which was completed in 2016. The now-mature plantings in this long island median across from the new location incorporate salt-tolerant perennial flowers and beautiful shrubs that are visible to flowing traffic and a welcome sight during traffic congestion. The new planted area will continue this aesthetic and enhance the visual impact of this exit into King of Prussia.