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January 7, 2021

A Plan for the Future: Strategic Plan 2020-2023

By Rachel Ammon, Director of Marketing and Communications, King of Prussia District
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Every three years, King of Prussia District embarks on a strategic planning process designed to inform our strategy within our five-point program plan–Physical Improvements, Land Use and Zoning, Tax Policy, Transportation and Marketing and Communications –and support our mission:

King of Prussia District engages public and private partners to collaboratively improve the economic environment in King of Prussia by making it more vibrant, attractive and prosperous.

When we embarked on an eight-month planning process in December 2019 for the 2020-2023 plan, little did we know that a worldwide pandemic and economic crisis would play a part in this next phase. King of Prussia District engaged Dunleavy & Associates to lead the Strategic Planning Committee, comprised of a mix of staff members, board members, residents and stakeholders, through the process.

The planning process encompassed three unique phases: Phase One: Strategic Visioning; Phase Two: Organizational and Environmental Assessment, which included one-on-one interviews with a cross section of constituents, partners and community members; and Phase Three: Strategic Direction & Plan Development.

While all of the stakeholder interviews were completed before the pandemic reached the United Statesin any measurableway, the process was adapted in May 2020 when the Committee established both short-and long-term priorities given KOP’s immediate needs. As the staff laid out strategies and tactics for the goals in Phase Two, they too looked at multiple time horizons.

As you’ll read in the published Summary Strategic Plan, the Committee outlined the following goals for the next three years:

  • Position King of Prussia District as the Leader and driver of King of Prussia’s Business Recovery initiative.
  • Maximize the opportunities to expand and reinforce engagement with partners and community members.
  • Continue to advocate for transformative transportation projects and maximize our existing transportation programs.
  • Develop and deploy a Proactive Business Recruitment Plan.

Guided by our new Strategic Plan, King of Prussia District staff and Board of Directors remain dedicated to working tirelessly to ensure that KOP remains a competitive force in our region’s economic landscape. Read the report here…