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Get More, KOP | Terms of Service

King of Prussia Business Improvement District(“King of Prussia District”) is the administrator of the Get More, KOP program(“Program”). In order to promote and support businesses located in the King of Prussia District geographic area, King of Prussia District is offering the sale of gift cards or gift certificates on behalf of eligible and participating businesses. Gift cards/certificates are being offered in the face amount of $35, for a price of $25, with King of Prussia District subsidizing the difference between the face value ($35) and the purchase price to the consumer ($25). The Program limits the amount of gift cards/certificates available both in total and for individual businesses, and it is limited to businesses in King of Prussia District that meet the eligibility requirements of the Program. Once a consumer purchases a gift card/certificate through King of Prussia District, King of Prussia District will report the sale to the merchant, transfer the funds to the merchant and the merchant will issue the gift card or gift certificate directly to the purchaser. No refunds or exchanges will be given except where required by law.Except as required by law, all purchases through the Program are final. Unless otherwise approved by the issuing merchant or business, gift certificates and cards have no cash value, may not be surrendered for cash, and are not redeemable except for goods or services then offered for sale by the issuing merchant or business. The consumer chooses the merchant/business from which to purchase a gift card or gift certificate. Gift cards and certificates issued under this Program are the obligations of the merchant/business, and not the obligation of King of Prussia District. The merchant/business is responsible to issue and honor the gift/certificate. Gift cards/certificates issued under this Program carry the same risk that any gift card or certificate has,including the risk that the merchant or business issuing the gift card or certificate may cease business and/or not be able to provide the goods or services that the consumer intended to purchase.By participating in the Program and purchasing a gift card or gift certificate through the Program, the purchaser agrees that King of Prussia District is not liable or responsible for failure of the merchant or business to honor the gift card/certificate for any reason. After the issuance of the gift card or certificate, purchasers should contact the merchant directly with any questions or problems. Purchasers understand and agree that any disputes arising out of the issuance or honoring (or failure to honor) a gift card or certificate are disputes between the purchaser and the merchant/business, and King of Prussia District has no liability. By purchasing a gift card or certificate through the Program, the Purchaser releases King of Prussia Business Improvement District from all liability and responsibility associated with the failure or inability of the issuing merchant to honor the gift card or certificate, unless due solely to the failure of King of Prussia District to transmit the information and funds from the purchase to the merchant.