The Mighty Middle Market: The Driving Force of the U.S. Economy

January 4, 2019

Join the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia on Wednesday, January 30 from 8-10:30 AM at the Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel for a special speaker event.

Middle market companies are on the cutting edge of rapid growth. Just 3% of U.S. businesses are in the middle market, yet they make up over 1/3 of the private sector GDP and employment.

Gain expertise from local middle market leaders and discover how the middle market is essential to our regional prosperity. Keynote speaker Tom Stewart, Executive Director, National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM), will explore NCMM’s report, The DNA of Middle Market Growth,detailing how the fastest-growing companies deploy the growth factors in one of three growth DNA types: Investors, Innovators and Efficiency Experts.

Following the keynote, the program will feature regional executives diving into these growth factors for their respective businesses. Attendees can use this valuable insight to understand the factors that drive success, more effectively channel and focus their resources, and make better decisions about how to grow.

Featured Speakers to Date:
Bill Covaleski, Founder and Brewmaster, Victory Brewing Company

Moderated by: Oscar Holmes IV, Ph.D., Rutgers School of Business