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Public Star Party


Public Star Party

September 28, 2017

During the star parties the public will be able to use telescopes and binoculars to look for celestial bodies such as: planets, moons, constellations, nebulae, galaxies, star clusters, comets, meteors, satellites, double stars, and much more. Star parties are a public service of The Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers. All Star Parties end at 11pm and are FREE to attend. The event is located at the Model Airplane Field

Note: Novice stargazers are often surprised at how cold they get while observing the nigh skies. for your own comfort and enjoyment, please remember to dress warmly.

Cancellations: Star Parties are not held if there are clouds, rain, and etc in the weather forcast. Hope for clear skies.

2017 Date and Times
Oct 28 – 6:03pm to 11:00pm
Nov 25 – 5:00pm to 11:00pm

  • milky way night sky at cherry springs