KOP Rail Webinar | Opportunities for Walkability: Lessons Learned from Tysons

November 14, 2018

Located roughly 15 miles west of Washington, DC in Fairfax County, Tysons, VA is an edge city with a similar concentration of mixed-use development as King of Prussia. Like King of Prussia, Tysons experienced similar transportation challenges and has taken steps to remedy and reposition. As Director of Fairfax County Virginia’s Office of Community Revitalization, Barbara Byron is charged with the revitalization of the County’s older commercial and mixed-use areas, including leading the County’s efforts to redevelop Tysons from an auto-oriented edge city into a pedestrian oriented urban environment. In this webinar, Barbara will share some of the challenges Tysons faced in their efforts to re-plan and become more walkable, their successes and lessons learned along the way.