Evening Campfire Programs

October 10, 2018

Join a National Park Ranger for an interactive evening by the campfire as we discuss unique stories of Valley Forge and your National Parks. Bring a blanket, flashlight, a jacket and pocket-full of questions for a fireside conversation at Conway’s Brigade, located between Gulph Road and PA Route 23/Valley Forge Road.

Park at the Varnum’s Quarters Lot or the Varnum’s Picnic Area Lot – and then walk down the historic trace road (see map) to Conway’s Brigade. The program will be canceled in the event of rain, call 610-783-1099 to check on the status of the program.

All programs begin at 7:00 PM and run for 45 – 60 minutes, including group discussion.

Program Schedule

Oct 20th: Von Steuben’s Training 101

It is widely known that at Valley Forge General von Steuben trained the Continental Army. But how much do we know about that training, or General von Steuben for that matter? Join Ranger Bill in a discussion about how the army transformed at Valley Forge and its charismatic drillmaster.

Oct 27th: Guardians of the Range, Stewards of Ideals: The Untold and Surprising Work of National Park Rangers

“They are a fine, earnest, intelligent, and public-spirited body of men, these rangers. Though small in number, their influence is large. Many and long are the duties heaped upon their shoulders. If a trail is to be blazed, it is “send a ranger.” If an animal is floundering in the snow, a ranger is sent to pull him out; if a bear is in the hotel, if a fire threatens a forest, if someone is to be saved, it is “send a ranger.” If a Dude wants to know the why, if a Sagebrusher is puzzled about a road, it is “ask the ranger.” Everything the ranger knows, he will tell you, except about himself.” -Stephen T. Mather

Explore the origins of the park ranger and discover the surprising work performed by our country’s approximately 3,500 National Park Rangers. Discuss the training, techniques and philosophies that enable park rangers to protect 83 million acres of national park land – from the Washington Monument to the Grand Canyon. Share your national park stories and ask rangers about what it is like to live, work and play within the 417 national parks.

Nov 3rd: How do You Defeat a King and his Army in North America?

Join Ranger Bob as he explores this daunting question, which many Patriots and Tories alike pondered from 1775 on, during the American Revolution. If you were facing the same challenges today, how would you answer this question? Come join in the discussion as we search for answers.

Location: Conway’s Brigade Huts
Time: 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Fee Information: Free