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Big 3 Breakfast


Big 3 Breakfast

September 6, 2019

Join King of Prussia District as we bring together a panel of experts to share insights into the Big 3 projects, properties and industries that everyone is talking about:

Elizabeth Smith, Director of Strategic Planning & Analysis of SEPTA, will provide an update on King of Prussia Rail and lay out upcoming milestones for this transformative project. Adrian Ponsen, Director of Market Analytics for Philadelphia of CoStar, will share key findings from his regional analysis of the multifamily residential market. Brian O’Neill, Chairman, Founder & CEO of MLP Ventures, will share his vision for The Discovery Labs, a $500M healthcare, life sciences and technology co-working community in Renaissance Business Park. A discussion, moderated by Tom McGrath, Editor of Philadelphia Magazine, will follow about industry trends, forecasts and why the panelists see KOP as a smart investment.

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