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King of Prussia District works tirelessly with our stakeholders and partners to improve the economic environment in KOP. Employees are making the move to KOP for its outdoor spaces, flexible work environments and unique retail & dining scene. Thinking about relocating your business to KOP? Here's why you should.

Economically Resilient

King of Prussia is uniquely positioned for sustained, long-term prosperity, proving time and again to adapt and recover from various economic challenges. With a strong foundation — $3B in economic development activity since 2010 — and a bold vision for the future, KOP shows no signs of slowing down. Learn more about economic development in KOP here.

AVE King of Prussia

Inside Our Business Community

Discover why KOP means business through the stories of those flourishing here in our new series, KOP Insiders.

KOP Insiders: Michelle Kelly of Lilly Pulitzer

Live-Work-Play in KOP

Serving as the region’s downtown destination, the 260,000 SF King of Prussia Town Center is where shopping, dining and entertainment converge. Located just steps away from many of the areas major employers, this premier upscale experiential center with expansive outdoor spaces has transformed KOP into the ultimate “live-work-play” destination.


Moving Business Back to the ‘Burbs

If there’s anything that 2020 has taught us, it’s that people need space — KOP’s got that covered! With millennials reevaluating their priorities and moving in record numbers to areas where space is plentiful, KOP boasts 180,000 SF of state-of-the-art meeting space, an abundance of outdoor areas, parks and trails, and convenient short-term leasing options that keep you — and your business — moving freely.

An Economic Powerhouse

King of Prussia is an economic powerhouse with a very exciting future. From the development boom in Renaissance Park, to Topgolf and the bustling Village at Valley Forge, there are approximately $3B in development projects underway, in the pipeline or recently completed.


Built for Business

As the largest center of employment in suburban Philadelphia, King of Prussia is as business friendly as it gets. KOP has low business taxes, low real estate taxes and no wage tax.


Welcome to Cellicon Valley

The healthcare and life science boom shows no signs of fatigue as King of Prussia is quickly becoming the epicenter for gene therapy innovation. The Center for Breakthrough Medicines has signed a long-term lease for 680,000 SF at The Discovery Labs and plans to hire 2,000 PhD scientists, manufacturing experts, lab technicians and support staff.


Heading in the Right Direction

KOP Rail, a proposed 4-mile extension of SEPTA’s existing Norristown High Speed Line, will attract and connect a broader pool of quality employees to employers and connect the region’s three largest employment centers: Center City, University City and King of Prussia.


Let's Get Started

We would love to hear more about your business and share the many ways that KOP can help you succeed.  Please fill out the simple form below and we’ll be in touch.

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