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Who maintains all of the landscaped medians you’ve planted throughout KOP?

Improving the physical landscape in KOP is an important mission of KOP-BID. We want our major commercial and retail corridors to be beautiful and welcoming for residents, employees and visitors alike. Each week, our landscaped medians are tended to by our landscape contractors to ensure they look great all season!

Answered by
Eric Goldstein
Executive Director
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Are there any plans for more open spaces and free parks in the area?

Yes! King of Prussia District has been working hard to provide just that in the King of Prussia business park.

KOP-BID, in partnership with UMT, is designing a 1.3 mile Linear Park that, once complete, will line First Avenue from N. Gulph Road to Allendale Road. The Linear Park will be located within the first 50 feet of the roadway and contain multi-use bicycle and pedestrian paths, landscaping, site lighting, benches, seating areas, and recreation areas. KOP-BID and UMT have raised more than $4M toward the design and implementation of the Linear Park and Road Diet, to date. Learn more about the project here.

Answered by
Shauna Sanchez
Digital Marketing Associate
Shauna Sanchez

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